Y.A. Maof provides advanced high-quality environmental solutions, specializing in developing and managing projects that turn environmental challenges into resources, committed to creating long-term, sustainable economic and environmental solutions, based on local needs and sustainable business models.
The company is operating and involved in various channels that assemble local economies and communities, which include, water infrastructure, water purification, renewable energy, waste & wastewater management, the circular economy, and environmental education. 

At the core of its activities, Y.A Maof builds bridges between people and
technology, to allow regional decision makers to pivot and lead their economies, environments, and societies. The company accomplish this, by engaging in powerful global partnerships and facilitating meetings between academic experts, and social and spiritual leaders to promote together scalable, applicable, and innovative solutions.

So how does it work?


We asses and analyze environmental challenges


Produce business models from sustainable and scalable solutions.


And work with both global academic experts and local change-makers to transfer technology, exchange knowledge and successfully implement our solutions.

They say time is money. We at Y.A Maof operate from a bigger perspective: time is money, water, energy, health, human lives. And the time to make a change for the better, is now – with every ally we can work with and resources at hand.

We believe that by building bridges, we can redefine time and improve its ingredients mentioned above. We shift societies and economies worldwide, and work towards a better, cleaner world.

Ygdal Ach


Ygdal’s managerial and entrepreneurial experience in the environment field in Israel spans over 20 years as he founded Y.A. Maof Holdings & Management, a multinational project company that transforms academic and technological knowledge into profitable and sustainable solutions in the environmental fields – waste, water and renewable energies.

Sharon Zimmerman

Technology Transfer Center

Nir Weisman

Technology and Infrastructure integration
An experienced executive, with over 20 years integration of advanced technological solutions and infrastructure projects in the fields of desalination, energy, water solutions, mining and petrochemicals. (Latin America, Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia Pacific)

Eng. Jonathan Haran

Renewable Energy and Hi Tech
VP Business Development at Climatech and Innovation Manager.

Daniel Rosner

Environmental Business
Senior environmental business development expert, Former head of business development unit in Israel Electric Corporation.

Augosto Casanovas

Caribbean Regional Manager
Former ‘VP Operation Punta Cana resort and Club’ and Former ‘VP Provisioning & Maintenance Claro Dominicana’.

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