Wastewater treatment

In many of LAC countries, wastewater is not treated properly and untreated water is discharged to rivers, while polluting water that later in supplied as potable water for drinking.

Treatment of the wastewater is essential for increasing health and welfare of the population, mainly the low income people who suffer mostly. Furthermore- treatment of the wastewater (and solid waste) would reduce or even eliminate discharge of plastic material to rivers, thus would reduce the concentration of plastics in the ocean, near the beaches of the countries. Y.A. Maof and its professional team holds the most advanced technologies to design and manage wastewater treatment plants (wwtp) whether centralized or decentralized.

Biogas production

When the wastewater is treated, sludge is separated from the water. The sludge contains mainly organic materials and therefore can be used to produce biogas and from the biogas- clean energy. The common method is using anaerobic digestion technology, where anaerobic bacteria digest the organic matter and emit biogas (a mixture of co2 and ch4-Methane).

Y.A. Maof has signed an agreement with the Global leader of biogas production- Anergia from Italy (https://www.anaergia.com) to work together in LAC countries in order to supply the best available solution.