UNAPEC & Y.A. Maof Holdings & Management LTD share a mutual agenda and vision on a broad range of environmental matters , including the desired balance between industry, energy production and waste treatment. Together we work toward finding cutting edge holistic solutions that are set to serve as the pillars for circular economy activity and Eco-Parks in the Dominican Republic.

UNAPEC and Y.A. Maof

In 2019 the University signed a first of its kind agreement with Y.A. Maof Holdings & Management LTD, an Israeli company which specializes in developing projects in the field of environmental care and sustainable development. Maof focuses on waste & wastewater treatment, green energy production methods, and extensively engages in technology transfer.

With over 20 years of experience in developing new products and solutions from waste, Y.A. Maof seeks to create a long-term strategy to address the global and exponentially growing problem of waste & wastewater treatment.

Y.A. Maof’s projects integrate research and cooperation with universities, local communities, NGOs, state institutions, international organizations and the private sector.

A Gateway to the Israeli EcoSystem

Our agreement with Y.A. Maof grants our staff and students a direct access to the Israeli Ecosystem, which is globally known for its remarkable research abilities, rich innovative environmental industries, outstanding technological progress in water and waste management, and  ‘out-of-the-box’ approach – the one that made the country a world leader in the fields of Agritech, Cybertech and more. serving as a gateway to the Israeli EcoSystem, opening the door for our researchers and students, this collaboration constitutes a direct link for Dominican companies seeking collaboration with Israel’s vibrant and extensive market.


Academically- Rooted Decision Making and Practice

Together we provide a wide-range of services to support our vision:

Identifying, assessing and screening environmental risks
Waste & water management solutions
Green energy systems
Designing incentives for circular economy and environmentally sustainable practices through regulatory reforms
Smart balance between local needs and high-end technologies
Planning of sustainable business models for environmental issues
Technology transfer
Educational projects
Gateway to the Israeli hi-tech ecosystem


Wide spread industries expertise
Green energy
Waste treatment
Cyber security
Water purification
Smart landfilling


We invite Dominican Companies, researchers and students to take an active part in turning our world into a greener place while creating new business models, securing jobs, and establishing long-lasting careers. We invite you to join this journey with us and become part of the change.

Technology Transfer

Taking part in a TTO (Technology Transfer Office) Project

Learning and leading active research are the sources of innovation. Yet the ability to turn research and ideas into reality is directly linked to the ability to commercialize and create  financial logic. UNAPEC and Y.A. MAOF have created a direct path to turn innovative ideas and solutions into profitable and environmentally-sound ventures.

Debut Project - Eco-Industrial Park in Punta Cana

The Eco-Industrial Park in Punta Cana is a wide collaboration that will serve as a sustainable & carbon-free circular economy park. It will serve as the center for green energy production and modern Agritech  for the entire area, including  anaerobic biogas production from solid waste and Algae waste, ;a waste processor that uses solar power and turns carbonated waste into highly valuable carbonated products; a biomass facility that creates green energy;  sophisticated Agrotech facilities; and finally -an academic and community center.

*(also known as Agtech, Agritech is comprised of technological innovations and capabilities that modify the way food and other agricultural products are grown, harvested, packaged, stored, transported, processed and sold – making the farm-to-table process safer and more efficient and sustainable).

A Promising Field Test

Our scientific field test  for the Ecoparks’ first biogas facility was launched last September– EnergyAlgea Project.

Continued lab tests over the past year have yielded outstanding results: algae material has proven to be 400% more efficient in creating energy than our initial assumptions.

This advancement is made thanks to a special proprietary pre-treatment process incorporating the  use of special machinery and enzymes. This outstanding achievement is  also a world-first.

Local and international leading organizations collaborating in the Eco Industrial Park:

Join us

A unique opportunity

The UNAPEC - Y.A. Maof joint venture invites students, researchers and companies to be part of a vivid future. We have created a bridge connecting between environmental needs across Latin America and global industries, strong leading players and a wide range of technologies.


For any inquiries about the UNAPEC & Y.A. Maof Joint venture, please contact us.