About us

Ygdal’s managerial and entrepreneurial experience in the environment field in Israel spans over 20 years. He founded Y.A. Maof Holdings & Management, with the vision to bring academic and technological knowledge into profitable and sustainable solutions in the environment fields – waste, water and renewable energies.

Ygdal Ach

Team & Expertise

Marketing & Business stratgey

Yasmin Ach - Responsible for marketing, communication and business planning.

Environmental Protection

Prof. Shmuel Brenner - Scientific Manager Former Senior Deputy Director General, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Head of MASHAV extension at the Arava Institute.

International Grants in Innovation Solutions

Kobi Cohen, CPA. - Expert in international sustainable projects funding.

Latin American Ecosystem

Dr. Mauricio Dimant - Lecturer and researcher on Latin America at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Corporate Responsibility & Environmental policies

Susana Pesis (Ph.D) - Expert in Environmental Literacy and in Socio-Economic and Environmental Policies.

Technology Transfer Center

Sharon Zimmerman

Marine Environment

Dr. Ellik Adler - Project Manager Former senior program officer Regional Seas: UNEP Headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya. Headed the Marine and Coastal Environment Division at the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

VP Product Development - EcoNect - Tech Transfer Platform

Lior Abramovich

Caribbean Regional Manager

Augosto Casanovas - Former ‘VP Operation Punta Cana resort and Club’ and Former ‘VP Provisioning & Maintenance Claro Dominicana’.

Renewable Energy and Hi Tech

Eng. Jonathan Haran - Project Manager.
Former CEO of Engineers Without Borders.

Environmental community management

Adi Mager - construction waste treatment consultant. Founded and chaired IRMI - The Israeli Raw Materials Innovation Forum for the construction and infrastructure industry.

Latin America Project coordinator

Shai Efrat - Strong language and communication skills. Postgraduate student in Spanish and Latin American studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Environmental Business

Daniel Rosner - Senior environmental business development expert, Former head of business development unit in Israel Electric Corporation.

Greentech Economy

Tali Dinar - A senior executive with a two-decade track record in public and private companies in a global environment. vast experience in financial planning and management, business development, M&A, investor relations and corporate governance.

Environmental Economics

Prof. Aliza Fleischer - Specializes in environmental economics in general and in the ecological and rural tourism in particular.

Financial administration

Inbal Savya - Financial controller & Administration.

Technology Transfer

Ziv Yoash - Adjunct Professor at Cornell Tech, teaching Startups and VC (High Growth Corporate Transactions).

Marketing & Communication

Itai Buchan - Storytelling & Marketing expert, key lecturer in the Israeli storytelling academy.

Marcom manager, Eu project coordinator & Intl Funding

Shirel Ach Belhassen

IT Manager

Liran Azoulay

South America Project coordinator

Mor Kamer

Community Relations Environmental Education

Mor Eliyahu

Emerging Markets and International Organizations

Gili Brenner - Former Parliamentary Advisor, the Knesset.

Corporate Responsibility

Dr. Avshalom M. Adam

Water division

Science and Technology

Prof. Ram Shpiner - A professor at Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and at Kinneret College, Department of Water Industry Engineering.

Wastewater Systems Design

Tal Ronen - Expert in wastewater treatment systems including design of municipal WWTP, city size and rural area size as well as industrial and agricultural waste water systems and biogas systems for co-generation.

Water Project Planning & Management

Yossi Shmaya - Former VP of Engineering at ’Mekorot’ - a leading Israeli-Global water brand. Highest ranking technical officer in the firm responsible for defining and leading: water infrastructure development, water resource and grid management, development, assessment and assimilation of innovative solutions.

Water Engineering

Niv Pintow - Master plans, Preliminary, general and final water system-related design, aquifer management, control, optimization and automation of water supply systems.

Technology and Infrastructure Integration

Nir Weisman - An experienced executive, with over 20 years of experience in the integration of advanced technological solutions and infrastructure projects in the fields of desalination, energy, water solutions, mining and petrochemicals (Latin America, Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia Pacific).

Environmental Engineering

Moho Chaturvedi - Overall 23 years of work experience. Her clients include the World Bank, UN agencies, Asian Development Bank (ADB), bilateral agencies like Swiss Development Agency, government agencies, consulting companies and NGOs. In the environment sector Moho’s work includes detailed environment impact assessments, rapid assessments, monitoring and supervision of ongoing projects and construction activities, and training.

Water and Agriculture Innovation

Avraham Israeli - Project Manager. Former president of the Israel Water Association.

Water Systems Social Impact

Ornit Avidar - Founder of WaterWays Solutions Ltd.

Dr. David Pargament – Has a BSc in soil science, an MA in physical geography and a PhD on the subject of watershed management. David worked for the Nature Reserve Authority (7 years) and as CEO of the Yarqon River Authority in Israel (27 years), during which he successfully initiated and led master plan creation and implementation processes, flood mitigation projects, pollution prevention and river rehabilitation activities. David's experience includes extensive work with local and regional authorities as well as with national government and teaching at two universities.

Facts & Figures

23 Years of experience with treating over 700,000 tons/y

Y.A. Maof Holdings & Management Ltd. provides high-quality environmental services, specializing in waste management, recycling and supervision over environment projects, and the rehabilitation of landscapes, hazardous land, contaminated soils and old quarries. The company sets environmental protection and sustainability as a top priority in its operations.

Protecting the land & groundwater

Regulatory and governance systems - the salient forces behind the wheels of a circular economy and environmental progress

Y.A. Maof works with leading environmental regulation and circular economy professionals and researchers who have hands-on experience in developing blueprints for environmental regulation reforms, in the areas of:

  • Environmental compliance and enforcement regimes.
  • Designing incentives for circular economy and environmentally sustainable practices, relating to solid waste and wastewater treatment, dangerous substances, green energy production and industrial symbiosis.

Designing regulation reforms to support sustainable efforts is one of our unique services. We are proud of our successful experience in this field and of our ability to identify different structures in different territories and to tailor a suitable plan for each area.

We invite you to browse our "Regulation Summary" to learn more about our service and expertise.